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We are a subsidiary publishing arm of Sankofa Services. We publish books that are articulative of black and black queer experience—predominantly poetry—to proliferate black thought throughout the African diaspora. Our high quality service works with authors to produce exceptional content and work they can be proud of!



Black MotherVerse & Queer Black BoySpeak


Al-Tariq Roberson is a griot poet, healer, educator, and spoken word artist whose work reaches across race, gender, sexuality, and metaphysics to articulate difference, love aesthetic, queer sensibility, and the robustness of black-voice. As an educator, Roberson’s work is infused with pedagogical underpinnings. As a healer, his work reaches for the lost human in us all.


Outside of Honor: Black Motherverse & Queer Black Boyspeak, explores the complexity of black family silence; the things we don’t say that speak for themselves in time. It is a stitching of stories across the generations of his family, in pursuit of healing and wholeness in the constructed, and sometimes fatally flawed idea of what black family is(?).


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