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 by TaurinV

I learned so much from Tariq in his poetry workshop. Every week I absorbed so much of his philosophy about writing with intention and emotion that will stay will me into the future. The language he used to describe the act of writing is something that I have never encountered and so am grateful for. He allowed us all to be heard, feel seen and express ourselves in a safe space. The emotional energy in the group was something I will always remember and I appreciated the feedback from Tariq as well as the other members of the group. Thank you for challenging us, cultivating emotional responses and just being genuine. I appreciate you and wish you continued success. Highly recommend this course for poets looking to improve their craft.

 by Tre Brown

Tariq helped me to expand my writing and  challenged me to work extremely hard. His course is worth investing in. Tariq connects very well with the students and makes learning fun and interactive. I encourage every poet to invest in his course.

 by Anita Johnson
Poetry Workshop elevated my craft

Tariq's workshop has been a pivot point for me in my poetic writing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in presenting information that addresses individual needs and propels writers forward in their creative path. He is insightful and connects easily to each participant meeting them where they are in their process and gently pushes them to the next level. With laser focus he gets to the heart of an issue and draws out the hard poem for each. Breaking through creative blocks and leaving the poet renewed and ready to speak their truth we created powerful, impactful poems that will surely move readers. Watching his process is like watching a master at work and I hope to work with him again in the future. I would encourage any poet who wants to elevate their work and poetic process to connect with Tariq! His workshop was worth every minute.

 by Gillian Smith
Poetry Workshop...seeing us

Tariq is a master of his craft. He is able to listen, hear and see us ( Avatar see you). You experience writing as a tool to understand where you are in your journey and how it impacts not only your writing but your purpose. It was great to be able understand how to align the technical aspect of poetry writing, while remaining present in the "feeling" you want to convey. This space is not just a writing/learning space, its healing, reflecting, finding peace and your own voice. I recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to transcend their writing and understanding of self. I am forever grateful for the gifts this workshop gave me.

 by Michelle LaShae
The best decision I've made in a long time

I was a fan of Al Tariq's work so I was excited to learn that he had a cohort. I came into it thinking that I will write a few new pieces of poetry. I didn't realize that I would also receive courage, encouragement, insight, and discernment. I was not only taught a new way to compose poetry, I was also taught about myself. I'm forever changed after this class. Grateful doesn't even cover it. If you're thinking about working with Tariq, stop thinking and do. He's professional, genuine, and well worth any investment.

 by Sci
A Cohort Led from Wisdom, Intuition, and Love

There are no words I can say to sum up the power and the blessing the cohort was. I didn’t want it to end and once you embark on the journey, you’ll understand why. Tariq has a way of just knowing. He knows exactly where to meet you at. He knows exactly where to push you and guide you, so that you do the necessary work to come out a better and stronger poet. If you are ready to do the work on the inside, then you will only be more blessed by the course! Please take it!

 by Essential Mortal
Poetry Workshop

Tariq’s approach to writing poetry is unique, refreshing, and extremely value added. He takes care to assess each individual participant and provide feedback specific to where they are and how to get to where they want to go as poets. He is transparent about his process and the commitment it takes to gain the most from it. I recommend this workshop for writers that have the courage to be in the uncomfortable place that leads to growth.